How It Works: Marketplace

When you want to buy or sell something, the SU Just Kidding provides you the tools to connect to a vibrant local marketplace.

Browsing the Marketplace

You can browse listings that have been posted under the Browse tab.

Adding Banking Details

Before you can post a listing on the Marketplace, you need to upload your banking details. This is used so that we can pay out the profit from your sales. You do not need to add banking details if you are only interested in buying.

Posting a Listing

You can create a listing from the Browse page. You can describe the item you are selling, and optionally attach images. The minimum price you can sell an item for is R50. SU Just Kidding takes a 6.5% commission. Additionally, you can also specify that you will be shipping this item, and specify the price of shipping. Shipping cost is not included in commission.

Purchasing a Listing

You can purchase a listing using the Buy button. Payment is done securely via PayFast®, where you can select a suitable payment method. You can track your orders via the My Orders.

Submitting Tracking Details

When you offer to ship an item, and that item is paid for by a buyer, you will receive an email notifying you. You can ship the item, and then submit tracking details via the My Orders

Confirming Reception of Goods

Once you have got your hands on an item you've bought, all that is left is for you to head over to the My Orders page and confirm that you have received your goods. Additionally, you must leave a 1 to 5 star rating for the order.

Disputing an Order

If an disagreement or dispute arises during the process, either the buyer or seller can open a dispute from the My Orders page. An administrator will be notified, who will mediate the situation.